Agora Nomic

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Agora Nomic
Founded: 1993
Played on: Mailing lists
Current status: Active
Active players: 23
Current ruleset: link
Game information correct as of October 2021

Agora is the longest-lived online Nomic, having been played since 1993.


From Agora's own website:-

Agora is a relatively serious nomic; many of its players see it as an experiment in philosophy, political science, and group dynamics, rather than just a game; sometimes it acts more like a country. It tends to be relatively conservative as nomics go, in that major rules changes often take a while to happen and are commonly debated in advance. Unlike some other nomics, much of Agora's gameplay is concerned with the proposals system and the rules themselves, with many wins having been via exploiting loopholes in even long-standing rules, just as other players prefer to win in the "intended" fashion. However, it is not uncommon for substantial subgames to be proposed, played for a while, and then repealed when players bore with them.

On the other hand, Agorans tend not to be above silliness and having fun; some players will do things just to see what will happen, or to create unusual situations merely to observe the resulting chaos. Agora occasionally experiments with mechanics designed only to shake things up a bit (such as randomized rule changes, or offices whose only job is to try to repeal rules); and once went to war over an insult that Agorans were "a generally boring lot".