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Founded: 2003
Played on: A weblog
Current status: Active
Active players: 7
Current ruleset: link
Game information correct as of October 2023

BlogNomic is a game where proposals are made posts to the BlogNomic blog, with votes made as comments on those posts, and the ruleset updated on a wiki.

BlogNomic is played over a number of themed rounds called "dynasties", usually presided over by one player as its "Emperor" figure. Having chosen the theme for the dynasty, the Emperor is regarded as its caretaker, with the power to veto proposals made during it - this is as close as BlogNomic gets to having anybody in charge. When somebody wins, we wipe the ruleset (except for the basic mechanics of voting and proposing) and start a new one with the winner as its Emperor.

As of October 2023, BlogNomic is in its 219th dynasty, with the theme of duelling wizards.