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Lifespan: August 1996 - June 1998
Played on: A mailing list
Current status: Dead
Final players: 9
Final ruleset: link

InterNomic was a meta-Nomic in which each player was an individual game of Nomic. The game was played by the sub-Nomics sending a single player to act as their representative, and an automated NPC player voting on behalf of InterNomic itself. Rules included a trade association allowing players to trade objects between different Nomics.

Its recorded members were:

  • Ackanomic, liaison: Mr. Tambourine Man
  • Agora, liaison: Kolja A.
  • Bluesmobile Nomic, liaison: Kerry Kaszak
  • InterNomic, liaison: InterNomic
  • Micronomic II (MacroNomic), liaison: Henry Townser
  • New Rishonomic, liaison: The Voting Gnome
  • Pumpkin Patch Nomic, liaison: Phil Ackley
  • Thring, liaison: Anarchy
  • New Rishonnomic, liaison: Dan Knapp
  • FDC Nomic (non-voting member), liaison: Ed Murphy
  • The Church of Odo on the Wormhole (non-voting member), liaison: Uri Bruck

By December 1998 the InterNomic site claimed that the game had "crashed", and linked to the Inter Nomic Treaty Organization, which gave rules allowing Nomics to sign "treaties" with one another, with the expectation that they would abide by the rules of treaties they had signed, within their own Nomics. (It is unclear whether this version was ever played.)