Nomic World

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Nomic World
Lifespan: 1992 - 1996
Played on: A mailing list
Current status: Dead
Final players: unknown
Final ruleset: unknown

Nomic World was a game of Nomic played on a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). It led to the creation of the Fantasy Rules Committee and was succeeded by Agora Nomic.

Upon its closure in February 1996, its moderator Steve Gardner said:

"Nomic World was not by any means an ideal forum for playing Nomic. In fact, I'd say that, although there were special aspects of NW play which are lacking in Agora (eg the excitement of interactivity), play-by-email has proved itself to be by far the most durable and reliable platform for Nomic play. MUD-play contains a fundamental flaw: its reliance on a wizard-programmer to maintain and update the code as necessary. The presence of this element introduces an almost unbearable strain, for what happens when the public adopts Proposals which the wizard cannot or will not implement? The wizard is not an Officer who can be replaced. And what happens when the software cannot cope with a legal move, such as the submission of a set of Chromatic Repeals, or 500 CFJs? Such problems arose repeatedly during Nomic World's 9 month existence, and they eventually destroyed it."