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Founded: March 2021
Played on: Discord
Current status: Active
Active players: unknown
Current ruleset: link

Nomini is a ruleset for Nomic conceived by user crowsworth (Discord user Crowy#3293). The name also refers to a series of nomics run by Crowy on Discord which use Nomini as their initial ruleset. These games are partially for playtesting purposes.

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Nomini is intended to be minimalistic, fast-paced, and mindful of branching and rebooting.

Nomini has several traits making it distinct from many common nomic rulesets, especially other discord rulesets. It notably condenses all actions in the initial rules to just "Motions," which cover the territory of proposals and calls for judgement in other nomics.

Modifications for Discord

When played on a discord server, a second set of regulations, called the "Discordian Charter," describe how the game is played on Discord. This document includes information on required roles, procedure for circumventing some of Discord's features which are hostile to nomic play, and guidelines on how to move.

Each rule is stored in its own text channel on Discord. Each motion also has its own text channel in which it is described and discussed. Because of how many channels the typical round of Nomini uses, it is customary to create a new server for each new game based on Nomini.

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