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Lifespan: November 2016 - April 2017
Played on: Reddit
Current status: Dead
Final players: unknown
Final ruleset: link

nommit, also stylized as "/r/nommit" due to it being played on a subreddit, was a Nomic that ran for about five months on the Reddit website.



Before the game even began, there was content already on /r/nommit posted about three years prior. These were a remnant of a previous Nomic that has nothing to do with the version of nommit this page is about.

Initial Ruleset

On November 28, 2016, Reddit user veganzombeh made a post to /r/nommit subreddit outlining an eight-rule ruleset "adapted to work better with reddit's format." This was the first post associated with this Nomic.

veganzombeh's initial ruleset established that all reddit users were players and that all players must abide by the rules in effect, a contradiction that never actually made that much of a difference on the actual gameplay. It also established that all players were eligible voters. It stated that no proposal could have retroactive effect and that lower-numbered rules would take precedence.

Overall, the initial ruleset held some minor issues but, as experience would prove, most of its tenants still held up to the end of the game.


Immediately after the initial ruleset was proposed, a plethora of proposals were submitted, most of which would end up becoming icons of nommit. Since nommit had no proposal numbering system, the proposals are differentiated by what it links to.