Now We Nomic 1

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Now We Nomic 1
Lifespan: April 2018 - June 2018
Played on: Discord
Current status: Dead
Final players: 14
Final ruleset: link
Website: unknown

The First Era of Now We Nomic (henceforth "Now We Nomic" or "NWN") was created by Discord user MatrixCthulhu#4117. It was never officially declared dead, but the only messages the Discord Server gets are from spam bots now; additionally, it spawned several more games of Nomic as its successors. The last messages related to the game were sent in June 2018.

Note: the syntax "X:Y" represents the proposal submitted on Round X, Turn Y. A list of rounds and turns can be found here or here if you're feeling technical.

Note About Naming

At the time this nomic was running, it was simply called "Now We Nomic;" however, when the server died, its successor was born, also called "Now We Nomic," on a server of the same name. Therefore, "Now We Nomic 1" is an informal designation. Other designations are "Blue" or "Blue-and-White" in reference to the server's profile image.


Initial Phase

Now We Nomic struggled a lot in its life. Its initial ruleset was inconsistent with the terms "rule" and "law." It described a turn-based system, which would prove to be a very contentious decision. Turns took 48 hours and, with a constantly growing group of players, players were lucky to get a single turn in a month. The ruleset did not require consent to make someone a player, so there was a long list of players that kept taking up turns.

Height of Activity

Many issues with the initial ruleset had to be mended. For example, silverlava's proposal 1:13, which established a new turn system. Every day at 13:00 UCT, a new turn would begin, allowing one person to submit a proposal. These turns would last four days or until a majority vote was reached. At its most extreme, this allowed four proposals to be voted on concurrently.

Now We Nomic also gained an identity during this period. 1:15 established weekly haiku contests. 1:17 instituted the Nomic Commission of Commerce (NCC), which was a rotating delegation of players to watch over the free market, where players could create "items" which would perform tasks at different intervals. A list of items can be found here. To further the Economic theme, 2:3 instituted "nomicents" which could be exchanged for points.


Even while there were still many attempts to fix problems that plagued the ruleset from its very beginning, interest gradually fizzled out until there was none left. Right as the game was starting to pick up speed, too. The last proposal submitted was 2:6 by silverlava on June 16, 2018.


On April 25, 2018, a Discord bot known as Dyno was added to the server and nicknamed "Nomicon." This was primarily for its ability to log changes in and deletions of messages to prevent people from trying to cheat. It also logged the comings and goings of players. This was placed in a channel called #tome-of-nomicon.

As time went on, however, Nomicon grew more and more prominent in NWN culture. Matrix Cthulhu once noted how its watchful eye was almost deific. This eventually grew into a mock religion. Notable examples of Nomicon worship follow:

  • "[Nomicon], all hail his name... is all-seeing, so basically don't try to cheat by editing messages."
    --Matrix Cthulhu, April 30, 2018
  • "Careful @CodeTriangle lest you displease the Almighty!"
    --Loony, May 1, 2018
  • Starting on May 8, 2018, players could produce "Nomicon Sacrifice Altars" which would consume two points in exchange for a random number from 1 to 4 points.