Now We Nomic 3

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Now We Nomic 3
Founded: September 23, 2018
Played on: Discord
Current status: Dead
Final players: 5
Final ruleset: link
Website: unknown

The Third Era of Now We Nomic was a Discord Nomic that took place on the same server as the second. Planning and voting on initial rulesets began on September 9, 2018, and the game got its official start on September 27.


NWN3 began with a rather hefty initial ruleset remarkably similar to Agora Nomic's, which can be found here. Discord user Jacob Arduino#5827 was selected to be the first Speaker of the game.

During NWN3's life, there were many events which caused widespread disinterest in the continuation of the game. For example, when rule 57 was passed, it mandated that two players would be selected as murderers and that they could "kill" anyone they wanted, putting the target out of play for two days. Within a couple of hours after the rule was put into effect, every last player was killed, leaving many of the other players demotivated to continue play.

When the Speaker Jacob Arduino decided to stop enforcing this rule, a Motion of No Confidence was issued by majority vote and the game halted for a week while a Speaker election was held. Discord user Mask#9695, already a contentious figure in the game, was selected for this role. It was at this point that the players decided they wanted to destroy the Speaker-Voter system which restricted how much action the Speaker could take, and turn to an even more democratic system. Widespread reforms took place, but, strangely characteristically, these reforms also took a long time because of constant debugging.

Another significant event after the Speaker election that would contribute to the server's death was the inactive courts. There was groundwork for Calls for Judgement (named after Agora's case system) in the initial ruleset in rules 28-32. It relied on the Speaker distributing the judgement to a random player. However, this was eventually changed by proposal 47 so that three Justices were selected, but only the Chief Justice would assign judgements in most cases.

When Flatzone Zombie, the chief justice, idled after the Speaker election, the cases that had gone unjudged for an entire week and more piled up, and the other two Justices were powerless to judge them. This was eventually fixed, primarily due to proposal 84 reestablishing the judgement system, but the damage to the game as a whole was far too great at that point, and the changes were never put to good use.

By the time the game had finally been modified to the point that players would have been happy with the way it worked, the recordkeeping had become inaccurate and enthusiasm completely died off as the game lulled into idleness.