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Rule 0

This is Slownomic. Motto:Ð🛇鴨⊢🛇ấ}}

Becoming a Player

Any person can become a player by adding their name to the 'Players' section of the game. Any person can make themselves cease to be a player by removing their name from that section.


Any person can make a Proposal in the Proposals section. If it has more FOR votes than AGAINST votes after 30 days have passed (720 hours), then any player can apply the Proposal's effects, then delete the Proposal. A Proposal's author can delete their own Proposal at any time.


Players have only one vote on Proposals, which is FOR, AGAINST or PRESENT. Players can edit their vote at any time. A player votes by clearly noting who they are and what they are voting in a reasonable space under the Proposal.

Merit Badges

When a player has every rule-defined merit badge, they should feel good about themselves and other players should praise their hard work and effort.

- If a player has ever written a proposal that passed, then they have the Penmanship merit badge.

What's the Motto

A player can add or remove one character from the motto in Rule 0, provided e has not done so in the past 7 days.

The Tower of Babel

There is a game entity known as "The Tower of Babel". Initially, its height is 0 meters. Each time a Proposal has its effects applied and is deleted, its height increases by one meter. When and only when the height of The Tower of Babel is a prime number of meters, the following rules apply:

Babel Rule I

A player can add and/or remove up to two characters from the motto in Rule 0, provided e has not added or removed any characters from the motto in the past 7 days.


This wiki page does not necessarily always track the correct gamestate, though it tries its best. Players can modify the wikipage but only as the rules allow. Edits that attempt to do something that the rules do not authorize fail and players should revert them.


  • nix*, the unbreakable
  • Trigon*, the polygonal
  • Silent G*
  • Jason, the acceptable
  • ATMunn, the friendly
  • veganzombeh, the seventh
  • hansarp, the inconsistent
  • Waterfriend
  • pokes, the slow
  • metametajoel, the multidimensional

\* has Penmanship merit badge



Author: metametajoel
Date of Creation: 10 May 2022

Description: Add a level to the tower of babel such that its current level is the level of the previous level plus one (i.e. the level would go from 0 to 1)


  • metametajoel: FOR, the only way is up.


Author: TyGuy6 (not a player)

Create a rule entitled "Elevator" with the text:

The elevator's level is ZERO, and the highest it has been before is level ZERO. If no edits to this wiki page have been made in the last 3 days, any player may increase the level of the elevator by one. If three or more edits to this wiki page have been made in the last 3 days, any player may return the level of the elevator to ZERO, and, if necessary, update the record of the highest it has been.


  • hansarp: AGAINST, I worry this would disincentivize players from running the game.
  • Trigon: AGAINST. hansarp makes a good point, and also this doesn't seem to plug into much of anything.

Establishing Correspondence

Title: Foreign Relations
Author: Trigon
Description: This proposal sets up a PodNomic correspondent for Slownomic.

Create a rule entitled "PodNomic Correspondent" with the text:

Slownomic's PodNomic Correspondent is a position that should be filled by a player of Slownomic. Any Slownomic player can nominate themself for the position by posting a message to this effect in the "Correspondent Election" section of this page. These nominations can be voted on in the same method by proposal, except that they resolve seven days after submission.


  • Trigon: FOR
  • Jason: FOR
  • hansarp: FOR

Rapid De-Escalation

Title: Rapid De-Escalation
Author: nix

Desc: We must move with extreme speed in order to prevent conflict, therefore I propose a swift judicial system.


Any person may write a Statement in the De-Escalation section. Any person may vote TRUE or FALSE, and edit their vote at any time, on any Statement. After 15 days, a Statement is either TRUE or FALSE, whichever has more votes, as long as it does not contradict the rules.



  • G: AGAINST. This judgement system adds a platonic "as long as it does not contradict the rules" for success/failure. But that's an infinite regress if the statement is about what is or isn't against the rules.
  • Jason: AGAINST
  • ATMunn: AGAINST, this doesn't say to add a new rule
  • Wotton: AGAINST, general concerns over paradox-forcing
  • Trigon: AGAINST, since I'm an absolute lemming
  • nix: FOR, I believe in myself.
  • hansarp: AGAINST
  • metametajoel: AGAINST


Title: Foundations
Author: hansarp
Date or Creation: 19 Jan 2022
Date of Decision: 18 Feb 2022
Description: Create a minigame based on propositional logic.

Create a section entitled Logic, with subsections Rules of Inference, Statements, and Theorems.

  • The subsection Rules of Inference shall initially contain:
    • Modus Ponens: |- P && |- (P → Q) => Q
  • The subsection Statements shall initially contain:
    • Simplification: |- (P → (Q → P))
    • Frege : |- (P → (Q → R)) → ((P → Q) → (P → R))
    • Transposition: |- (¬P → ¬Q) → (Q → P)
    • Truth: |- True
    • Non-Falsehood: |- ¬False
  • The subsection Theorems shall initially contain nothing.

Create a rule entitled Laws of Logic with the following text:

Any player may, assuming they have not done so in the past 7 days, either Expand a Statement, or Apply a Rule of Inference to a set of applicable Statements.


To Expand a Statement, the player must write a line in the Theorems subsection which specifies (in whatever language is clear):

  • The Statement being Expanded (in form or in name)
  • The new values of the variable(s) in the original Statement
  • The new form of the Statement, with the substitutions applied
  • The name of the player who applied the Expansion

For example: Simplification, let Q be set to P, thus |- (P → (P → P)) -name
They may then write the new expanded Statement in the Statements subsection and give it a name.


To Apply a Rule of Inference, the player must write a line in the Theorems subsection which specifies:

  • The Rule of Inference being Applied
  • The Statement(s) that the rule of inference is being applied to
  • the resulting Statement
  • the name of the player who applied the Application

For example: Modus Ponens, |- P and |- (P → (Q → P)), Thus |- (Q → P) -name
They may then write the new Statement in the Statements subsection and give it a name.
In order for an Application to be valid, there must be a substitution into the variables of the Rule of Inference such that its assumptions (the Statements before the =>, separated by &&) exactly match the set of propositions. The player need not supply the substitution.

Effects and Safety

A game element that is dependent on the state of Logic must have a "default" state for all statements involving Logic (akin to a Switch in Agora). This does not apply to the following paragraph.

If any player proves |- False, then the logical system is no longer consistent and must be replaced. Logic shall have no effect on the game state until a new foundation is created, and any game elements dependent on Logic are set to their default state.

The player who proves the target statement shall be granted the Logician merit badge, and may set the next target statement. (default state: theorem not proven)

The current target statement is: |- (P → P)


  • hansarp: FOR
  • Trigon: AGAINST. I forgot everything I knew about formal logic for a good reason.
  • WaterFriend: FOR

Tower of Babel

Height: 0 meters.