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The Emperor and all instances of the term will be replaced by Mastermind, and Players and all instances of the term will be replaced by Thieves.

A Dynasty based on running a heist/caper like in, Ocean's Eleven, Now You See Me, The Sting, Leverage, etc. A lot of the theme would be actions relating to planning, casing, etc. for the Big Heist most likely, although much of the action could actually BE the Big Heist. Maybe smaller Heists, Capers, Cons could be a thing.

Good evening, friends. You may call me the Mastermind. I have gathered you all here today for your unique skills and certain perspectives on how things work in the world. If you choose not to undertake this... operation... you can walk away now, nothing gained, nothing lost. But if you choose to pull this off, you will end up walking away richer than kings, and feel good knowing the target we will have... borrowed from got what was deserved. Hurt nobody that does not need to be hurt, but make those that need some... justice... feel it - but never let them know that. We aren't the police - haha, no - but we aren't thugs or soldiers. It is all about finesse.

Monster Trainer

The Emperor and all instances of the term will be replaced by Professor, and Players and all instances of the term will be replaced by Trainers.

A Dynasty where you are Partnered with your own Monster. As you Explore the world, Train your Monster, Battle other Monster Trainers and other (possibly wild, possibly evil) Monsters, and eventually Evolve your Monster, you form a strong Bond that allows you to bring out the Potential of your Monster! May involve elements of media where Monsters are "digital", can go into "pocket"-sized spheres, or are "ranched".

Welcome to the Enigmon Institute! I am the Head Professor of Enigmon Studies, or the Professor for short! There are mysterious creatures in this world we have dubbed Enigmon - as in Enigmatic Monsters. They can form powerful Bonds with the right human, and have the capacity for great growth and even Evolution, but nobody knows where they came from. Some think they are extraterrestrials. Others believe they have come from the future. Some even think they spawned out of cyberspace, escaping the internet into the real world somehow. All crazy theories, but each one has some solid proof. I, along with my collegues here, research these creatures, but people have found other uses for them. Some have their Enigmon Battle against each other as "Tamers" to help them grow and Evolve. Others use them for jobs. Still, some use them to commit crimes! I'm hoping you are not those kinds, as I am entrusting you with something important.I sense great potential in every one of you. While we have done much research, one thing eludes us besides the Enigmons' origins - what causes the Bond between them and Tamers. Bonds have a mysterious power that I would like you to research. Please, become a Tamer and Bond with an Enigmon!

Magical Girl

The Emperor and all instances of the term will be replaced by Mascot, and Players and all instances of the term will be replaced by Magical Girl.

A Dynasty about the the classic anime/manga genre of Magical Girls. Transformations, stock animation attacks, fighting monsters and defending love. Could end up light-hearted or dark, or just abstract since it is a Nomic.

Hello! I'm your cute and lovable Mascot! I have chosen you because of the strength of your heart! You will be able to transform into Magical Girls and use your incredible powers to defeat evil? What powers? What evil? Well... if you are interested, then accept your fate and I will explain further! But... there isn't much time left, so hurry before it is too late! And remember, let your heart guide you, and you may end up saving everything! Or...