Fantasy Rules Committee

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Fantasy Rules Committee
Founded: 1993
Played on: A mailing list
Current status: Paused
Players: unknown
Ruleset: link
Game information correct as of July 2022

Fantasy Rules Committee is a Nomic game played on a mailing list, which began as a sub-game among the participants of Nomic World.

FRC's description of itself: "Coupling creativity and cooperation with logic and deviousness, the players compete to be the last one to submit a valid rule. Rules are valid if they are consistent with themselves, all previous valid rules and a fixed set of regular ordinances. Every new round starts off using just these few regular ordinances, thus prohibiting the ruleset from growing beyond control."

Although the Regular Ordinances allow self-amendment, this is rarely invoked.

Useful links

Jeff Weston's archive of FRC rounds up to round 144 in 2000