Now We Nomic 4

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Now We Nomic 4
Founded: April 2019
Played on: Discord
Current status: Dead
Final players: unknown
Final ruleset: [Within Discord Channels link]
Game information correct as of August 2021

Now We Nomic 4 was the last Era of Now We Nomic. The last substantial actions were taken in late June or early July 2019.


NWN4 seems to have been even more contentious than its predecessor. The majority of the game's proposal history was dominated by the players Mask#9695 and lare290#2857. The game's initial mechanics drew inspiration from Feudal Japan. Players could own land or pledge fealty to a land-owning player. New mechanics became less and less coherent with this initial theme as time went on. Interest eventually fell off. No new Now We Nomic games have been run since.